“When everyone gets better, everything gets better”

It is a well-known fact that untrained employees = unhappy employees.  Yes, training employees costs a company time & money – but this is an investment with assured results.

Here is a golden opportunity for you to avail the services of globally acclaimed Mentors & Trainers right at your doorstep.

We offer customized programs, both people & process related, that are methodically designed to provide high rate of success and empower those undergoing training, in order for them to add more value to your Organization and the Country at large.

On offer is a wide range of topics & subjects that have a significant role to play in the holistic improvement within your Company.

Our programs are designed to cater to multiple levels of authority – Senior Leadership, Management & Middle-management, Staff and grass-root categories as well.

We conduct on-site (your location) as well as off-site programs.

First Step for Students

Employability skills are required not only to gain employment, but also to progress within an enterprise so as to achieve one’s potential – and at the same time add value to the Employer.

Fresh graduates need to be provided with an appropriate foundation so they are better positioned in seeking employment opportunities.  Fact that they are mostly devoid of any prior work experience, creates undue pressure on them as well as the prospective employers in meeting mutual expectations.

“First Step” is a high-impact & strategically designed program that we offer fresh candidates (belonging to any study stream), so they can better position themselves during the employment interview process and even after obtaining the employment.  This short-term and highly focused interactive program is designed to provide them with an insight into all aspects of a Business / Company – these being information normally available to them only after a few weeks of having joined the Company.

Fresh Graduates and job seekers as well as Employers / Companies could contact for more details on this program.

The Team of Trainers, led by Mr. Sridhar Rajagopal, a renowned Corporate Trainer & Business Turnaround Specialist, is committed to ensure high success rates from the training programs. A highly acclaimed & sought after trainer, Mr. Sridhar Rajagopal has an excellent track record of bringing about positive changes in the lives of Businesses & Individuals alike.

Beyond Curriculum for Teachers

“Good teachers are costly, but the not so good ones cost more –  Anonymous”

Educational Institutions today have arrived at the same conclusion as Businesses, Industries & the Military – investment in professional development is of prime importance!

Teachers carry the highest responsibility of developing future citizens of the Nation and the society expects them Teachers to demonstrate their unwavering ability to maintain highest standards – and nothing less.  Needless to say, an Educational Institution is vastly dependent on the Teachers in order to maintain its reputation.

A far-sighted Educational Institution not only invests and re-invests on infrastructural development, but also prioritizes periodically empowering the Teachers by honing their skills and “sharpening the saw”.  From our vast experience in the areas of training & capacity building, we have found that people attending our programs feel refreshed, gain insight into newer perspectives of skill development and are armed with a plethora of tips and tricks that make them very successful mentors and guides.

 We offer you a special program “Beyond Curriculum” – exclusively designed and developed to prepare Teachers to enable your Institution to set high standards of deliverable and exceed expectations of the Society.

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