Making IT Work For You

Information Technology

At Team Group, we believe that the benefits of Information Technology should be accessible to everyone. To this end, we market and support a range of IT products that are user friendly and cost-effective. The products have been developed after an in-depth analysis of the operations and business environment of the enterprise. The products are designed to operate stand-alone networked or using the web and we provide guidance on what is best suited for your enterprise.

Temple Management System

The Temple Management System is a unique product developed specifically to enable Temples and Trusts to operate smoothly and efficiently. The software has been developed keeping in mind the various functions that are a part of the daily routine and the roles played by individuals in the execution of these functions. The software enables.

  • Management of Devotees
  • Seva Bookings
  • Donations
  • Inventory

A web-based system, this product integrates Email and SMS and other communication modes for convenience. Access is role based, while enabling the management to gain a full overview of operations. The solution is cloud-based to reduce cost of ownership and the architecture allows scalability, customization and enhancements as required.

Harvest - Rice Mill ERP

Harvest is a comprehensive ERP software solution that aids in management of Rice Mills. The solution spans the complete process cycle to include.

  • Procurement
  • Production processes
  • Job work
  • Inventory (Raw Material, Finished Goods & Packing Materials).
  • Vendor management
  • Customer management
  • Raw material Management
  • Packing