Employee Testimonials


It’s been great pleasure to write Testimonial for My Company. I am Happy to say that I was part of Team Group family for almost 2 years. It is an amazing place to work because you always have the support of your management. You never feel like just a number, but rather someone who matters.

Team Group is a small company which reached step by step to this level. I really appreciate our Managing Director Mr.K.A.N Gupta’s hard work and efficiency to bring company to this level. Company provides best returns to its customers and you will be fully satisfied with service.

It has been great working with Team Group and I have gained knowledge beyond my belief. I thank our MD who taught me so much and given me the opportunity to grow successfully. I have blessed with wonderful colleagues who created friendly atmosphere.

I wish all the Success and growth for my Company.

Best Wishes,
Ranjitha Arun


Team Group. is a good place to work and to enhance Learning. I worked in this Organisation as a HR Recruiter.

Organisation provided lot of challenging assignments. With due guidance of senior Members / Management I was able to handle these assignments easily and deliver required results in expected time. My Tenure and experience in Team Group was very fruitful, knowledge what I gained in this organization has enabled me to work effectively in MNC.

Today I am Heading Talent Acquisition, Development and Management in LG Soft India (LG Electronics) as my basics in HR were trained well in Team Group.

This organization is very ideal for members who are passionate, go getters and want to excel in Career.

Prakash Anand